[FONT=“Tahoma”][SIZE=“3”]Hello all[/SIZE][/FONT]
This is my first post and I hope I am doing it right.
I am an older gal and sometimes new sites are a tangle for me to figure out.
I tried to log into the ‘WhatchaKnittin’ and couldn’t open it, so I guess I can do it here.
I am [U]finally[/U] knitting a shrug for myself, (have wanted one for years) & after getting it done completely, found the directions were for an approximate size 8!
Called my lys (local as in an hour and 10 away from me) and she gave me better instructions on how to inc for my particular size. So now that it is summer, I knit in a ‘cooool room’ and pick it up when I need some solace, or private-in-my-head time or for just plain comfort and no-brainer patterning. There [U]is[/U] something about needles clicking together in a rhythm, isn’t there.
The pattern is from the Plymouth Yarn Design Studio, NO26, c. 2006,and I am using Misty Alpaca baby alpaca yarn, (luv that stuff!). Tried to get the first choice in color of that bright red shown on the pattern, but alas they didn’t have it so decided to use a lovely ecru/ivory/white #100 color.
I am making it longer also, which made it mandatory for extra skeins, but hey, I like my butt covered, ok? Giggles allowed here.
Made a ton of scarves and hats for Christmas gifts and finally made a set for me in alpaca…did I say that I love that stuff?!
So other than a week when I was 8 or 9, in ancient times, and learning to knit from my great-aunt and promptly forgot when the vacation ended and I got back home to a non-knitting household, I tinkered around with the Coats and Clark dvd :hair: at 62 and had one heck of a time understanding it, so left it on the shelf.
Then started again when I was 65 with the Nici McNally dvd :cheering: :muah: :cheering: (The best in my opinion for people that want to learn to knit!!!) for good and am truly enjoying it. A bit overwhelmed by all that is going on in the knit world, but hope to eventually catch on. It will make my brain cells work, I hope!
Well, that’s about all for now and I hope to learn tons here.
Huggs, Cait

Welcome to the forum!!

Hi And welcome to the forum . I have also joined today !

Welcome!! Be sure to check the link in my sig about photo posting so you can share with us! :thumbsup:

Hello Cait! :waving: Welcome to the wonderful world of KnittingHelp. Pull up a chair and browse through some of the threads! I guarantee you’ll be here for awhile! :teehee:

Welcome. Your shrug sounds great! I too can get overhwlemed trying to navigate sites and deciding where I fit in but what a wonderful thing it is now to hav ethe internet where so many people can come together and share their enthusiasm for something like knitting. There are some real pros here who have helped me through some knitting dilemmas. I hope that some time you may be able to post a picture of your shrug when it is finished. Until then knit away :knitting:

Hello Cait and Ben, welcome to the Forum!

Your shrug sounds great,Cait, hope you can post some pictures.

:hug: Welcome to KH!! I can’t wait to see your projects!

Hi and welcome to the thread . :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome.

Another “oldie” here. I have been knitting on and off for over 50 years. I think the pattern you are using is the one I made recently but I have yet to do the finishing. Too warm these days to think about it.

Look forward to seeing tour finished items.

Welcome! This is a wonderful site and if you can’t find help or friends here there are none to be found.

Welcome, Cait and Ben10. I believe you both will really enjoy this forum with its truly talented knitters and then, like myself, only beginning again after many years absence.

I, too am ‘up’ there in years, but find in knitting such peace and a time to reflect on many things. I know I have learned so much just reading the posts of others on the forum.

So, come on in and join the fun here. :waving:

[FONT=“Palatino Linotype”]on how to “click on any link above to post reply”…It has to be the “post reply” link, right?
Mega Thanks to all that welcomed Ben and I to the site. It is so heartwarming.
Welcome Ben, I hope you find navigating around the site with me fulfilling.
Again, Thanks so very much to making me feel so welcome.
I have my request in to Ravelry as an invitation from one of the ladies at my lys on Hwy 10 in Coon Rapids. Thank you for the slip of paper to tell me how. Living so far away from a good lys is not easy. I would rather live down there for that, and that is going some since I live in a very peaceful farming community and I love the peace and quiet.
Since my Mom is no longer with us, I miss the interaction with helpful women in my life. It seems as though I may have stumbled on some wonderful women here that will continue to make my life so worthwhile.

Welcome Cait and Ben both! Hope you enjoy this site as much as I have - the knitting videos are incredible here if you need help remembering or learning a new technique and the forum has just the nicest people around! And Ravelry is a lot of fun too - you can keep track of your yarn stash, look up patterns or see what others have made with the yarn you have (for ideas and inspiration) and there are great forums there as well.

I lived in Woodbury, MN, for 16 years and my Dad moved back there a couple years ago. My husband and I are slowly but surely planning a move back out that way in the next couple years to get closer to family! I love it out there…

Welcome Cait and Ben. This is a great site with many helpful and wonderful kind hearted and generous knitters. I hope you both enjoy being part of the KH family!

welcome to both of you. Enjoy the company that this commununity has to offer and , of course, have fun knitting. :slight_smile:

Welcome Cait and Ben. Cait, I hope you post pictures of your shrug when finished. :hug:

Hello! Welcome, you’ll love it here!


Hi, Cait and Ben! and Welcome!!

Sounds like you are having a lot of fun, and no doubt your shrug is going to be wonderful :slight_smile:

I completely agree, there is something about those needles going that just relaxes me beautifully-I am thankful to be able to knit, and to share my love of the art and craft of knitting with everyone here.

This is a great community~I think you’ll like it here!

Can’t wait to see what you’ve made!