I am new to this site and a beginner I need to know how to cast on stitches in the middle of a row. please help

Welcome! Hello to you! I am not experienced enough to help you with your question, but I wanted to say Hi… someone here will help you though, I do know that!

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You would use a knitted or cable cast on. Turn your piece so the sts you just worked are in your left hand. Then use one of them to add the extra stitches, inserting into the first stitch on the needle instead of using a slip knot. Then put the needle back into your right hand and finish the row. You can find videos of these under Castons.

Welcome to the addiction…er…hobby of knitting! why dont you check out the vids on this site?

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Welcome! You can find videos of how to do the cast ons that are mentioned here, if you haven’t found them yet. :thumbsup:

Another welcome to KH! One of the great things about this site, besides all the friendly,helpful, lovely people is that Amy and Sheldon have videos for just about everything you need to know to get started knitting.

Welcome to KH. I usually use a knitted cast on at the spot where you have to cast on stitches. Knit into the final stitch where you are to cast on and then leave it on the left needle, do this for each stitch you need to add, then carry on knitting on the other side of your cast ons as normal. Good luck!