I am from Paris in France et new on his site ; I love knit and wish exchange ideas or another with persons.
I began to read in this forum but my language is near perfectly…I hope you help me to write…
I see many beauty yarns on american sites and now, sometimes, I order in USA but the shipping is very expensive, damage because yarns are rarely, in france there are no ; see you soon

Welcome, Francois!!! :smiley:

Bonjour, hi there.

Bienvenue, Francoise!! :waving:

We have several members who love to knit and have also joined us to improve their English skills…

I think I may have to find a French knitting site so I can return the honor! :wink:

Bonjour! :waving:

:waving: Welcome to the forum!!! :smiley:

Welcome to KnittingHelp, Françoise!

Bonjour Françoise! Je suis un eleve de Français. :smiley: Maybe we can help each other, non? J’aime Français et tricot. Je n’aime pas beaucoup de charges.

hee hee…I just pasted all of that into freetranslations.com…Here’s what it came up with:

Hello Françoise! I am an eleve of French. Maybe we can help each other, no? I like French and tricot. I do not like a lot of loads.

hehe, I neglected to put any accents into eleve - it means student. Tricot is knitting, or knit, I’m not sure which. I’m not sure if that’s a proper use of the word “charges”, It was in http://www.wordreference.com/ as “expenses” XD Basically, I hate shipping costs too!

Moi, aussi! Okay, I’ve only been in French class three weeks, so I won’t slaughter the language for any of you. (especially Francoise) I think you would be a tricoteur, Aidan. :thinking:

Anyway, :waving: bonjour, Francoise. Enchantee! (Can’t figure out how to type in the requisite accents :?? )

Go to start and Run and type in charmap, you can find the Alt+ keyboard shortcuts that let you type letters with accents and other marks. It’ll usually be Alt+ four numbers. But it only works if you have a number keypad, it won’t work with the numbers in a straight line above your letters.

Hello Françoise!! Welcome to the group! My son is taking French now, so maybe I can learn from both of you!!

What do you have on the needles now?

:cheering: welcome, francoise! :cheering:
you will love it here :D!

Bonjour! Je used to connais comment parle francais, mais maintenent…je ne parle pas le francais tres bien. Pas du tout. C’est dommage. Je suis heareux que vous etes ici. Pardonnez moi mots horrible.
:slight_smile: kimmie

for your nice words, In France wze have www.tricotin.com which is a forum as you !

merci pour les mots gentils en français !

I have sme problems for the circular knitting and I hav no unterstand very much the explanations with the vidéos !

I buy sometime yarn in USA wich is very superb and in France I bought with www.10pelotes.com ; the woman is name Emilie, she is very pretty.

I don’t understand why when you put a message on this forum I am no prevent on my mail as the othe forum ? must I make a manip ? I go found I have no clik on the “notify…” so now I am prevented

good day for you !!

There is a little box in the Post A Reply page, the box is underneath the space where you type your message. It is next to the words “Notify Me When A Reply Is Posted” - Have you tried clicking that box? If it does not work, it may be something to do with your e-mail address.

I have cliked and I just receive your message thanks

:doh: Working from a laptop with no ten-key pad. But thanks, I’ll be able to do that in the computer lab to type essays for class! I learn all kinds of great stuff here.