Hi…I am new on this forum. I have been knitting for many years and now like to knit for my grandchildren. If anyone knows where I can get some Star Wars knitting patterns I would apprciate it. My grandsons would love Star Wars sweaters.

Welcome to the forum! I’m not sure about Star Wars stuff, but someone might know. :cheering:


There’s a ton of Star Wars Fair Isle charts! Good luck, and welcome!!! :thumbsup:

Hi, :waving: I found some more star wars charts [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]here.[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]And here is an [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]R2D2 hat.[/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR]

Thanks for the Star Wars info website. Now to decide what to knit for which grandson. I have three of them…pat

Hi…I love those star wars graphs. Iam sure I can use them…