Hi everyone,

I just joined today, but have been lurking for a couple of weeks now. This site is awesome.

I learned how to knit when I was a young girl, however did not keep it up. Lately I had the urge to knit, and I only remembered how to cast on but could not remember how to get the other needle involved :thinking: . So one day walking around Michaels, I saw a kit “Learn how to Knit” so I bought it and here I am. I found this site looking online for help on purling. Not only did I learn how to purl I found this awesome place too! :cheering:

Anyway, I have knitted one purse for my daughter ( which she loves) and have finished the front of a sweater for me. I’m working on the back of it while working on a poncho for my daughter and another little purse for her too. Duh, should have taken pics before I started this post so I could have attached them.

Now off to go shopping at Knitpix, have some other projects in mind.

Have a great day. :heart:

Amy :smiley:

Welcome Amy! Glad to have you. :waving:

Welcome Amy!!


Funny that you chose Amy1, because my alter-ego identity on this forum (I need a second identity for occasional technical reasons) is amy2.


hahaha that is funny because I was gonna ask if Amy had got another personality.

Hi and welcome!

Welcome Amy1!! :slight_smile:


:waving: :waving:

Wow, you did a purse and then jumped right into a sweater?? You rock!
Welcome to the forum, you’ll love it here

Hi amy1! welcome to KH!

Wow, thanks everyone for the warm welcome :heart:

Rebecca, the sweater I’m knitting is a very easy one. Trust me, I am no way near doing anything complicated. I got the pattern out of “Knitting simple sweaters from luxurious yarns”. It has really nice and simple to knit sweaters. It’s done with a thick yarn and a size 15 needle so it knits up pretty quick.

Amy :smiley:

Give it time dear one, just give it time :eyebrow: hehehehe…

BRAVE BRAVE BRAVE!!! :cheering:

Welcome Amy1!!

Hello Amy1. Welcome!! :waving: You will find a great group of people here, always willing to help!

[color=red][size=6]Welcome Amy1.[/size] :smiley: [/color]