How are you ? I am Françoise222. Excuse me but I have lost your adress.
I am always knitting my coats fors dogs and I try to make for family.
My site is no good so I make a sell private in a frien who as a littre restaurant in Paris in 28 & 29 october and in décembre the first wend.

Concerning my othe activities I continue but it is difficult but I have a good health but if I am not so young : 63 years.

And you were are you with you works ?
give me new of you thanks
please what is : post a poll ?:heart::muah:

A poll is like a survey, where you create a question, and people select which answer is correct or true for them. Like this:

Question: do you like to knit socks?
__l yes

__l no

People click on the answer that is true for them, and the votes are counted, so 60% of people might like socks, and 40% do not.
‘Posting’ the poll is creating the survey/poll, and I am going to ‘post’ this message by clicking ‘enter’ or ‘posting’ my reply to you.

There is a forum/page called ‘Whatcha Knittin’? on this website that has discussions of things people are knitting, and we put up photos. You can show us some of your dog coats if you have pictures!


Hello françoise222,

Do you mean you haven’t posted in a long time because you lost the knittinghelp url address? If so… welcome back. :waving:

Welcome Francoise!

Welcome!!! :waving:

I saw your name and my heart took a leap. My father’s name was Francois, and he was originally from France. He passed away six years ago. It’s not often I run across the name.