I am new to this website and new to knitting. i have just finished my first scarf, which turned out quite well! While looking for a good second project, I have noticed that many patterns ask you to “turn”. What exactly does this mean? Also, I only have straight needles. Should I invest in cable circs? THanks everyone!!

“Turn” just means to pretend that you have finished a row even though there might be some stitches left on your left needle. It’s used to perform shapings. I’ve seen this on socks and hoods, but I imagine they can be used for many more shapings. Hope that helps. :wink:

I would recommend investing in cables for a number of reasons:

  1. They are more travel friendly.
  2. I think they are easier to manage in terms of elbow room when knitting in public.
  3. They are lighter.
  4. You can do kewl things like magic loop.
  5. They take up less space/easier to store.

Hope that helps too. :slight_smile:

Well welcome welcome I would love to see pics of your scarf. I think eventually you will have to invest in all kinds of needles but be sure you want to make this your hobby hobby not get bored after you spend all that money. You should watch all the videos on this site they are great they will teach you all you need to know. :hug:

I’m not sure if you meant turn as for short rows or turn in general. If you mean in general and you are knitting flat (not in the round) you always turn at the end of the row.