Need help with “how to knit below in a decresed stitch”! I always seem to have a loop! Saw a video that did this with a purl stitch but not helpful with a knit stitch! Tired of unravelling! A video would be helpful! Help please!

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What is the name of the pattern you’re following?
Can you quote just a couple of rows with these directions please (copyrights prevent posting of large portions of patterns)?

Pattern name-shaker rib knit hat!
Shape top!
Row 1 (ws) k1,*sl1,k2tog,passo,k3
Row 2 k1,k1below, (my problem this is the decreased stitch)*p1, k1below & repeat!
Hope this makes sense!

When you have to knit one below into the decrease, insert the right hand needle into all the loops of the decrease.

When I tried that the stitch in the left needle is a loop on the back side! I know I am just doing something wrong but can’t figure it out! Thanks for helping me!

Can you post a photo of what that looks like? Also, since there are several shaker rib hats, can you tell us the designer or source of the pattern?

Instead of a sl1, k2together, psso could I just knit 3 together?
Yarnspirations “caron”
How do I add a picture? I am on a tablet!

Tried to upload a picture, not sure where it went! :frowning:

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I don’t see an up arrow! I used the picture icon! The 7th one from the left!