Welcome Eve! There are so many things you can make! If you have lots of stash it’s fun to knit hats for charity from it. I experiment with stitches and patterns on hats, too.

That’s a good idea, you could play with colours as well I guess. I still have a load of patches to do for a bedspread, but who likes doing 100 swatches! I made a funky little cupcake keyring for my younger sister which was a lot of fun and only took a couple of hours. I’d make lots of little toys but I don’t have anyone to give them to! :slight_smile:

They can come in handy for younger cousins or nieces and nephews. If not, charities are often happy to have them. Fire or police stations and hospital ERs sometimes give them away. There are often rules about the types of yarn used but you can ask.
I donate to Carewear which maintains lists of local agencies that might be near you.

Good ideas, @salmonmac! And thanks for the link! I found a few hospitals not too far away.

Thanks, Jan.

You might like to knit items for your nearest Prem Baby unit - http://www.bliss.org.uk/knit-for-premature-babies?gclid=CP-tioCxxM8CFUETGwod3rwNJQ
or if animals are your thing - https://www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk/register/woolley?gclid=CNCO8v2xxM8CFQ2RGwodQIgBzA
We made prem baby jackets and donkeys as knitting competitions in our Spring Show and they were warmly received!

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These little donkeys make me smile every time. Love seeing them, gramercy!

Aww those are adorable, @gramercy!

I’ve done some bereavement stuff and preemie hats in the past. Thanks for the links I’ll check them out, too. Oh I just realized they are in the UK. Might be a bit far and expensive to mail donated items, but I’m sure I can find more around here, too. :wink:

@gramercy those donks are gorgeous! I’ll deffo try them, they’ll look good on my bed!

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Looks like you’re going to have a moss stitch pattern as a ‘background’ with the other stitches as the pattern, for example row 7 has 13 stitches in moss to start with, then 4 stitched with your TO/K2TOG for 4 stitches, another 8 stitches in moss then 4 TO/K2TOG, and then 12 stitches in moss.

Yes. I got that far, row seven and see the moss pattern but am hung up on the row eight. Do you think I do k 9, p1, k1 in each of the next 7 sts? Then same in next 12 sts? Seems strange

Here is pic of bedspread. Just starting. Does that help?

Very nice! I would assume it’s the same idea as the previous row?

So knit 9, purl 1, knit one in each of the next seven stitches? Don’t see how it continues row seven

Oh. I see. Knit 9 then moss stitch for seven sts, etc. duh! Thanks!

Haha! No worries :smile:

A comma would have helped! LOL

No there is a comma. Not sure if there will be enough stitches. Will report back later.