Hello there, spinning cohorts!


Hi Folks! My name is Freddi Dunleavey and I raise alpacas up here in the Catskill Mountains in New York! I am also a novice (3 years) spinner and it’s wonderful having fiber from my own animals to spin, crochet and knit!

My friend Victoria (Victoise) told me about this site and I’m interested in learning different aspects of spinning and knitting from all of you.

I have been concentrating on learning how to get my yarn as fine as possible and have had some fair success.

How do you, as spinners, feel about using the nubby, slubby style of yarn? I’m also a novice knitter (real novice…I’m on my third scarf! :cheering: ) and wonder if the differing thickness will make it difficult to knit?

This is my first post and I hope to hear from you soon! Now I’m off to see if I can find an easy pattern for my first knitted hat! :XX:

Welcome aboard. You will love the knitting forum. :heart: :heart:
The spinning forum is not so active though!
But you can find a great deal of spinning info and comraderie at

I will see you there if you pop in!

i don’t like thin weight yarns yet…seems difficult for me to keep a hold of. but i :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: slubs!!!

oh and welcome :waving:

Hi Carmell and Quirky! Thanks for responding!

I’ll check out the site you sent, Carmell…Thanks!

As far as slubby goes, I did some beautiful dark chocolate brown from my girl, Copper Gypsy, when I first started. I didn’t know how to ply at that point, so it’s just singles. Did just a little crocheting with it and it looked great! So I need to get it back on the spindles and ply it one of these days!

Quirky: you don’t find the slubs and differing thickness difficult??

I have a simple Ashford Kiwi wheel and I love it! I put it in the back of my Outback and take it to do spinning demos. It’s simple, but does the trick and I love it being small enough to be portable.

Thanks for the welcome! :cheering:

Quirky: you don’t find the slubs and differing thickness difficult

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I am a complete beginner - no slubs and differing thicknesses are easy. At this point thats all I know how to do!

[color=darkblue][/color] Hey Freddie! :waving:

Great to see you here finally! Yeah, the spinning forum is not so crowded as the knitters. You’ll find some good tips over there though on knitting, that’s for sure. I can’t wait to learn to spin, although it has to be on drop spindles for now. (I bought two last Oct in Rhinebeck and I still haven’t tried it WHAT is wrong with me!) I want to watch you sometime, I think I’ll love it once I start.

I LOVE slubby yarn. I find it fascinating to work with. I made this vest for my husband, and put just a few strands of this beautiful white slub yarn in it, it’s really thick stuff, almost looks like popcorn in his vest.

Well I don’t have lots to say coz I already said it when I wrote you!
Here is that simple hat pattern again for others that might be interested.


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Isn’t Quirky’s avatar cute!!!

Do you have a digital camera to show some pix of your beautiful animals?  

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