Hello people!

We’re CHATTING!!! where ARE you???

Click here to get with it!

I can’t get in :doh:

poo why knot!!! (your signature should be a tshirt idea!!!)

I dunno… POS! (I hate Yahoo chat!) I’m gonna reboot and see if that will help


I can’t come in, either. It won’t load the chat program, probably because I won’t shut off the firewall completely. I don’t want to lose another PC.
:frowning: I’ll have to have permission from DH and DD before I do anything unwise.

well if you get on yahoo messenger we can still chat , I think; the chat room was acting funny, and only me and beld and KK are there, so we’re just doing a conference chat; send me a message when you get on music_teacher78

Sorry, Charlie. :oops: It says I have to download messenger and I can’t because the computer says it’s not allowed. I’ll catch you guys next time, hopefully.

okay next time then!

im there now!