Hello! Pattern frustration

Hi everyone! I have tried this twice now and failed twice.

I am using this pattern:

Now, I’ve been careful to count my stitches and count my cast on stitches as well. But both times I don’t have enough stitches. The pattern-maker says that you can do this with multiples of 30 and 5. But when I count the stitches needed for the part in asterisks, I get 32.

For yarn-overs, I’d take one stitch. For ssk, I’d take two. For k2tog, I’d take two- right?

This makes me think I must be adding stitches where I shouldn’t be. Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong?

Thank you!

When you count the stitches needed to work a row, SSK and K2tog are each counted as 2 stitches. YO and M1 are not counted. When you count the stitches to see how many you have after working the row. SSK, K2tog, M1 and YO are each counted as 1 stitch.

So your pattern has a 30 stitch repeat + 5 at the end. Unless there is no shaping involved, I’m not sure how it would affect the finished item if you cut it down to 95 (30 x 3 plus 5) stitches or bring it up to 155 (30 x 5 plus 5) stitches. But the 125 called for is a correct calculation.

Very pretty pattern, too. I did find on the page that you can make it wider or narrower by adding or subtracting a multiple of 30 stitches.

Pretty shawl!

The increases and decreases cancel each other out so you should have the same stitch count. It doesn’t take one stitch to make a YO. You are creating a stitch. The decreases do start with two. I get 30 plus the two yarn overs which are added. I think your problem may be that you are counting the YO.

k5, yo, k8, ssk, k5, k2tog, k8, yo
This worked on 30 sts. There are 2 decreases, ssk and k2tog, so the 2 yo’s balance the decreases and you end with 30 sts. A yarnover is done between stitches and doesn’t “take one stitch.”

ETA: Jan and I posted the same thing, in different words, but she taught me so I guess that makes sense. :grin:Asterisks don’t work here for patterns. They italicize.

Thank you all-- this helps a lot. Seems like the YO’s were the problem.

I am to the same conclusion that Jan in Ca and Metylda came up with and that was that you forgot that the decreases canceled out the increases. Love the pattern by the way and am always looking for new shawls to make, thanks for the link

Hi everyone,

I have given this another go, but here’s the issue. When I knit this, I do not have enough stitches. I get to the end of a row and can’t complete the pattern. I am coming up short by the number of yarn overs in a given row. So clearly I am doing the yarn over wrong. I’ve watched many videos on how to do them, and I thought that they do in fact involve “using up” one stitch. I wrap the yarn around the needle, then knit the next stitch- creating two stitches. Am I wrong? Please help! Going crazy.

Wow- took another look at the pattern and I figured it out. I wrap the yarn around, and the next stitch I knit is the first stitch of the next part of the pattern. Thank you all for your help!

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Hi I am working on the same pattern isn’t that amazing.

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