Hello, newbie here with a question

I am getting ready to start one of the new berroco patterns in booklet 2666 called Johanna.

I understand the whole pattern except the first part LOL!

There are only 2 sizes for this here is the first 2 rows, row 2 makes no sense to me:

With MC CO 68(76) sts

Row1 (RS): K68(76), cast on 5 sts 73(81) sts

Row2 (WS): P73(79), cast on 5sts- 78(86) sts. Working in STst, continue in this manner to cast on 5 sts at the beg of the next 18 rows, etc…

The issue I have is that if I only P79 it will leave 2 sts on the right side needle and a CO in the middle of them leaves a gap, plus on the smaller size you P the same number you K. Through the rest of the pattern there are sections that you K or P less than the actual number of sts you have on the needle then turn it, to create the points, but this first section is the center back and no points.

Here is the picture:http://www.berroco.com/264.268/266/266_johanna_pv.html

Thank you for any help.

Welcome :slight_smile: I’m thinking it’s probably a typo. I’d purl all 81.

That’s what I thought, but wasn’t sure. This is for a store that I knit up samples for, and she is closed today LOL!

I guess the confusing part is in the picture there are points on the side as well and truthfully I am not sure which part this is, I may need to pull some scrap yarn and test it out.

I agree that it’s a typo. If you look at the smaller size, all of those are purled. Also, in row 2 when it says to cast on another 5 it says the total stitch count should be 86 (it would only be 84 if you were supposed to purl 79).