HELLO! New to the site

[color=violet]Hello all, i just started knntting a month ago and it is great! i am a full time high-schooler and get this… my high school has a knitting club! wow how exciting! a have found a couple of patterns and it is sooooooooooooo awsome to be here and i’m sure you all will help me!

Thanks!!! :hug: :heart: :heart: :hug: :happydance: [/color]

Welcome!! I wish my high school had a knitting group when I was there!


Welcome! :cheering:

I wish my high school had had a knitting club!

Hello and welcome here :cheering:

I am new around here. This is such an awesome place. Everyone is so so friendly and very helpful even if sometimes you ask what you think are silly questions :oops: .

You are very lucky to have the knitting club at your school. My neice here in the uk has an after school knitting club which she adores.

I am so pleased you have the bug for knitting. I am sure you will love it here.

Nice to meet you hopefully see you around soon.

:muah: Sharon

Welcome to KH! :waving:

Maybe I should ask my school if we can start a knitting club. :teehee:


I’m so envious - I didn’t have anything like a knitting club when I was in hs. Oof, I feel old now…hehe.
Make yourself comfortable!

I had my very first exposure to knitting in Home Ec class in high school, but my heart was not in it at that time. I was too involved in music, band, chorus, my boyfriend, church, schoolwork, etc.

I do remember it though…like it was yesterday. I remember holding the yarn and needles, and doing some stitches, and taking the yarn and needles home with me on the school bus. At home, I tried to do it, but it was hard learning by myself, without any help. My mother didn’t know how to knit. I remembered that my sister had learned in home ec in high school, but she had done better than me.

Then, my life got crazy again with all the other stuff going on at school. When I got older, I would buy a knitting magazine every once in a while, and look at the pictures, dreaming of being able to knit like that. But, I just couldn’t figure it out with the drawings in the book. I joined a book club later, ordering all kinds of craft books. I still couldn’t do the knit stitches well.

About 3 years ago, I decided to try again. I was SO excited to find online videos about how to knit. I bought a skein of red yarn, and some size 10 knitting needles. Then, I sat myself down in front of the computer and played the videos over and over again. I finally got it, and now I’m actually USING the old knitting magazines I have collected.

If these videos had been around when I was a teen, I could have figured it all out a lot sooner. You are SO lucky to learn now, with all the free resources out there. Good luck on your knitting journey! :thumbsup:


A knitting club in highschool sounds great! Look forward to seeing what you like to knit.

Mama Bear

Welcome to KH and the world of knitting :waving:
That is so cool that your high school has a knitting club :cheering: What all are ya’ll working on?!

:waving: Welcome! This is such a great site!

:waving: Welcome!! It’s so cool that your school has a knitting club. I wish mine had had one. If it had I probably wouldn’t have waited until I was 41 to learn.

This is a great. Amy’s videos are a wonderful how-to sourse and the other knitters are always happy to help.


Nadja xxx

:cheering: Welcome to the forum!!!

Welcome! :waving:

I wish we’d had a knitting club when I was in high school! Not that I knew how to knit back then, but maybe if we’d had a knitting club I would have learned!

Pocket, that’s quite possibly the cutest online name I have ever seen. :cheering:

Welcome to the boards, and congratulations on picking up the lifelong addiction that is knitting! All the tools to enable your burgeoning madness can be found on these pages. And if you’re really sweet to her, Ingrid just might let you roll around in her yarn stash (but beware of the dragon who guards it).