Hello my friends!

Hello everyone! My name is Leftylooper and I am new to the knitting world!:yay:
I am making my first HAT, and am sooooo excited. I am also new to this site and would love any tips.

welcome to your new addicitons. knitting AND this site. :wink:

Welcome! :waving:

Welcome! You’ve landed in the best knitting community on the web.

:waving:Hi and welcome:waving:

Hey there!:waving: Welcome!!

SO glad you could join us! We are always SOOOO happy to have new friends. Let us know if we can help with anything!!! Yippy!!

There is turning back now! Welcome x

Welcome! :hug:

Welcome to the lair of the knitting obsessed. There’s no turning back now…

And that’s a good thing :woot: Welcome!

Oh, you’re in trouble now. You will soon find a love…nay…an obsession for a variety of needles, yarns, patterns, websites, blogs.

The people here are nice, caring, funloving, sweet, helpful and knowledgeable. OH and ADDICTED to knitting and yarn.


:waving: and welcome to the family :slight_smile:

Hello!!! Welcome to the forum