Hello! Knitting Virgin Alert!

Hi everyone,

I just stumbled across your forum and thought I’d drop by for a while.

A quick intro - I am Becca from near London, England and I am wanting to start knitting but have no equipment and know nothing!

I am going in to town to buy some wool and needles, come home, set the videos up from the site and copy them! Is that a good start?

I am left handed too so thinking of doing the Continental style - is that a good idea?

Help! :aww:

Knitting is ALWAYS a good idea. Sign up for a class or join a knitting group as well. The more exposure you have to it, the better you will do. And PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

As a lefty, can I suggest a site? http://leftoutknitter.com/

The site is maintained by a friend of mine who promotes true lefty knitting. She has videos and DVDs and she’s working on a book. She does an excellent job and is highly recommended. She’s also very personable and if you e-mail her, I’m sure she’ll answer any questions you have. Also, sign up to join Ravelry! (http://ravelry.com) It’ll be awhile, but it’ll give you some time to get the basics down before jumping in headlong.

Welcome to the crazy world of addiction! :slight_smile:

Just do it in the style that feels the most comfortable and most natural to you. :slight_smile: Try it both ways and find out which one you prefer.

Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting! :slight_smile: You’ll love it here!

Welcome! Be forewarned…knitting is addicting! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! Thanks for the welcome

I am hoping knitting will be addictive - then I can lose my food addiction!

Knitting has been shown to help people with a lot of issues, from food to alchohol to anxiety. Just take it slow and don’t lose hope if it doesn’t turn out perfect from the get go, knitting is a life-long learning experience!
Welcome to the forum!:muah:

Welcome! I have only been a knitter for a little over a year, so I am new too, you will love this site! Yes, knitting is addicting!!! I love it, and so will you…Just don’t get discouraged at first, it takes a little while so, as others have said, practice, practice, practice!


:blooby: Welcome to KH and the wonderful world of knitting…

I agree with trying both Continental and throwing. I’m a lefty who throws and knits as a right hander. I’m self taught and find it difficult to change styles after all this time so you have an opportunity to experiment with techniques without ingrained habits.
Good Luck and practice, practice, practice.
Welcome to the addiction that is yarn.

Welcome! Following the videos here is the only thing that got me started! Be careful…it’s terribly addicting. :woot: