Hello! Intro

:smiley: Hello! I am new to this forum! I learned to knit in '92 or '93 and did it for a short time…now, 10+ years later I have decided to start again! Why did I ever stop? I can’t remember why I stopped knitting but I am happy to be back! This forum is great! I look forward to “posting” with all of you! :XX:

hi mailgirl! :waving: glad to meet you! welcome to KH :slight_smile:

Welcome! I’ve taken decades of sabbaticals, too, but now I’m hooked for good!

Welcome to the most addicting place on the web!


Welcome to the forums Mailgirl!

Welcome, welcome, welcome.


Yikes! I should have introduced myself in the Intro section! :oops:

Thanks for all the welcoming words!!! :smiley:

you can do that too. LOL.
I did the same thing when I joined.

:waving: :waving: :waving:


Have fun… we do :slight_smile:

[size=1]Just beware of KellyK heh[/size]

:waving: Hey and welcome…come on in and have some fun :happydance: :happydance:

:cheering: welcome!!! :cheering:

:happydance: Welcome to the forum!!

Welcome :smiley:

:roflhard: :roflhard:
[size=1]So true[/size] :shifty:

Welcome! :cheering: