Hello, I'm new & What do you think of Fiesta's Chinchill

I’m 60 yrs old and have been knitting since I was 7 or 8, my grandmother taught me. Made house shoes for years then at 21 made my first sweater. Olive green (of course :O>) mohair to go w/ ski pants. Got it all done, made the buttons w/ yarn & rings, etc. and I didn’t like in on me :O(. am trying sweaters again, but mostly scarfs.

Now to the reason I’m posting. Fiesta’s Chinchilla is the yarn from hell, hell to wind from hank and hell to knit…although the texture and color are gorgeous, the fabric leaves a LOT to be desired. Seems it showw every nuance, when I take a breath…etc. I ordered 6 colors to the tune of $150 to make scarfs for Christmas gifts and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to. 2 of the hanks need a clamp on the yarn when not knitting or the yarn starts slipping on the needle turning into big loops, other than that, it’s the worse yarn I’ve ever worked w/ and I’ve worked w/ some real doozies…at least the fabric turned out decent, which I can’t say the same for Chincilla. Fiesta shouldn’t have just discontinued it, they should have pulled it off the markets!!! I feel like calling them back and request they send me the colors I chose in another fiber, Cyn

I feel for ya, Cyn!

I just made a “scarf from hell” out of chenille (80% rayon, 20% wool) myself & hated every minute of it. Though it does feel wonderful, it kept worming on me, even though I was doing all the things various sites recommended in order to NOT have it do that.

After ripping a number of times, I decided to just keep going & consider them a “design element”. When I stopped knitting continental & loosely and just knit the way I normally would with any other yarn, it got a little better. Go figure! :??

I’ll never use it again. :!!!:


Is the Fiesta chinchilla made from chinchilla fur? I might have to find some just for petting, though not for knitting. :hug: I just had a lousy experience with Homespun, so I feel ya.

No Fiesta Chinchilla is the most beautiful chenille…tho not plush, like Touch Me by Muench. Has anyone used Touch Me or Touch me Dou? Cyn

I haven’t used it, but I felt some at the lys today.

I haven’t used it but wanted to welcome you to the forum!! :cheering:

I must have accidentally clicked the 2nd link, dropping the notifications…thanks for the welcome. BTW, you didn’t say WHICH yarn you felt at the lys :O), so which was it?

Update on the Chinchilla chenille…um…it’s sitting there, I ripped it out again day after Christmas…I think I REALLY AM going to call Fiesta again and ask for a replacement yarn…for the intended Christmas gifts.

I took the plunge last Friday, called wildflowerknits.com and ordered the silver touchme and got it Sat…good service! So w/ touchme you are looking at a minimum of $30 for 2 skeins to make a narrow scarf…I ordered 3 and I LOVE it, it’s so smooth, silky, and plush.

http://www.wildflowerknits.com/ I believe the store is owned by the designer, Kennita…any rate, I told her about the Chinchilla yarn and she was pretty sure it was worming…I asked about the touchme: She said a sweater was made and got ready for pictures and saw the holes… Pretty upset, called Muench and they said wash it and throw it into the dryer. That corrected the mistakes…yeah!!! Only thing…I forgot to ask her the EXACT instructions for washing and drying…on the yarn label it states that washing will cause felting, so I’ll call and check about that tomorrow.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s important that the LYS have a good working relationship w/ the manufacturers of the yarns they sell so they can give us inside tips for the yarns use. At my LYS, I bought some of Plymouth’s Baby Alpaca(bulky) and washed it in Brown Sheep’s no rinse lavender soap. IT STUNK SO BAD afterwards…I mean beyond animal fiber. When I told my LYS, she didn’t offer any help and suggested I call Plymouth (who was no help either, blast it!!!)

Back to the Chinchilla, I would HATE to have to crochet it, but that might be the answer, as the Chinchilla can only be dry cleaned…although it’s possible that might help. Happy New Year to you all, Cyn