Hello, I'm Knitwise and i'm a yarnaholic

Hello everyone :smiley: I have been crocheting for about 10 years and just started knitting about a week ago. I bought a kit at Joanne’s that had 2 sizes of needles, some needle tip covers, some plastic yarn needles, a Susan Bates Knit Check, cable needle, yarn holder and some kind of plastic yarn spools for working more than one colour of yarn. Then I found this website most helpful, dont know what I would do without it. I don’t know anyone who knits so being able to see it and loop it on the file player while I’m making practice swatches really helps a lot.

“In through the front door
Up over the back
Peek through the window
And off jumps Jack”

Hehe, i’ll never forget that little rhyme I listened to on the vid clip while learning to knit stitch! Love it! :happydance:

I love the continental knitting over english knitting because it was easier to learn.

I have been looking for some easy potholder patterns (double thickness without doing double knitting) so I can make them for christmas gifts. If anyone has some cute patterns or ideas please let me know.

Welcome!! I’m glad you found us. Here are some patterns that might be what you’re looking for.


Thanks so much :smiley:

The potholder patterns on the website you sent a link to all look pretty easy.

Hi Knitwise! Welcome :waving:

I hope you don’t mind my saying this, but you might want to reconsider making pot holders. I’ve made a few lately and even the double ones don’t work very well for me. I have been burned more times in the past few months than in my whole life before using knit ones…

How about wash cloths??

:waving: Hi knitwise!! When I first joined and would knit I said that rhyme over and over and over LOL… When my mom show her how to knit again she hadn’t done it since she was in middle school I told her that rhyme while she worked on her dishrag (the only thing she will make) she kept saying that over and over :lol:

Hrmmm well I guess I could make some big hotpads and washcloths. The double knit potholders looked too hard to do for someone just starting knitting. The other potholders on the site looked really easy and can be made bigger into hotpads.

Thanks for the input SoapDoc :wink:

Welcome Knitwise! Your intro looks like it could have been written by me :lol: I have crocheted for years and just recently decided to knit so I bought the same kit, but I have ended up using this site to teach me :smiley:

Welcome and enjoy this wonderful site!

Welcome to KH. :waving:

One easy way to do potholders without doing double-knit is to make two cloths then do single crochet around the edges to connect them together. You can also do some I-cord at one corner to make a hanging loop.

If you use a pattern that is symetrical around a center row then both sides will look the same. You could chart out a Christmas tree for example and do the tree in reverse stockinette (the purl side) on a stockinette stitch (knit side) background. I’ve done this with hearts, shamrocks, seashells, and dolphins.

I’ve also done the hearts and shamrocks in double-knit, so if you decide you’re up for trying this, give a shout!

Happy Knitting! :XX:


Lovely idea Mary :thumbsup: Thanks for the tip :smiley: