Hello! I'm back with a few small things

I was busy with a small things for last 2 weeks.

Slippers for Lisa:


Very special scarf:


Baby’s slippers for Max:


Great stuff. That’s a very unique looking scarf, I like it. :thumbsup:

That scarf is very neat!


I saw this scarf in somebody’else’s blog. I can’t remember which one???
I just looked at that and knitted it from my memory without any instruction. Very easy pattern.

Thank you!:inlove:

Everything looks great!!! :happydance:

Everything looks great. Love the slippers.

Everything is awesome,but i love love the cable slippers,any changse you might right down the pattern?

I love your blog, everything you make is so gorgeous. Those tights still make me go :passedout:

Nice knitting !!

Thank you dear all!!!:woot:


I love them all!! What a cool scarf, and all the slippers are cool too-you made them up? Great work!!

Really nice work!! :cheering: You always have the neatest FO’s!!

my 21/2 almost 3 yr old saw your slippers and said “somebody knit those?! When I grow up I want to knit those and wear those!”

:slight_smile: She’s obviously more impressed with your work than mine! They are great!

My favorite are the slippers for Max. Don’t let him hear you call him a baby though. LOL That is such a clever shaping for the toe of the slipper. I really like these.

Thank you for all your nice compliments to my knitting!!!:muah:

MerigoldinWA, I plan to give free pattern for Max’s slippers soon.This is fun to knit: very fast and easy!:slight_smile:

Beautiful work, as usual!

Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing your photos with us! I really like that scarf! :heart: Very unusual! Nice to see scarves with a twist! :thumbsup:

Here it it:


oh darling little slippers! you designed them? that is amazing.