Hello! I need of some help with pattern instructions

Once again, hello!
I’m thinking about making some armwarmers for a friend of mine for her birthday. (Since her cell phone hugger didn’t exactly fit her cell…Measurements are such a bother)
I was wondering what in the world I had to do when I came to a certain part of the instructions:

Next row (RS): Knit 21(21, 19) sts, yo, k1 (twice), yo2, k1 (three times), yo3, k1 (4 times), yo4, k1 (5 times).

Where it says yo2, k1 (three times) I was confused about what to do when I got to the part where it said that. Either yarn over 2 different stitches and then knit 1 individual stitch 3 times. I don’t know. :shrug:
I would appreciate it soooooo much if someone helped me out with this.

knowing how many stitches you start would would help with this - but I interpret those insturctions to mean:

Knit 21; [Yarnover, k1] x2; [Yarnover, Yarnover, k1] x3; [Yarnover,yarnover,yarnover, k1] x4; [yarnover, yarnover,yarnover,yarnover, k1] x5

that would take a total of 35 stitches.

Thanks a bunch. It makes sense.YAY!
The instructions say Co 35 sts. So yea it is 35 stitches.