Hello... I just stumbled in!

I just happened to find you here by accident and it looks like I am glad I did…
I just printed out the Butterfly sweater and I am anxious to get it started…

Looking Forward to browsing thru the whole site…

Welcome! This place is a blast! Informative, too. :smiley:

Hello and welcome! Hope you feel at home here!

Welcome Knitcrazy. Judging by your username, I think you’ll fit right in. :slight_smile:

Welcome, and be prepared to become a KnittingHelps addict! :smiley:


Welcome! This place is great.

Where did you find the “butterfly sweater”??

yeah…what IS a butterfly sweater?

hi! thanks for joining us! :slight_smile: And, i third the butterfly question…

Seems I mis named the sweater… Bumble bee sweater because I was “searching” for the butterfly stitch and it is in the sweater… I got it from knittinghelp.com :happydance:


ahhh…now it makes more sense!

LOL…Sorry for the name change :doh:

I don’t quite know how to answer a post yet… Is there a way to answer a perticular question (person) besides email??
or do I just go to the botton of the page and post like I have been doing?

You can use the quote button that is in the upper right hand corner of the post to show someone’s name and what they said, or just refer to the person by name. If I am responding to the very last post I ususally don’t do either. Not sure if there is a “right” way :slight_smile:

OK … Thanks for that… Since you were the last post… You do know I am talking to you :slight_smile:

I was not not aware of this quote button dealy…what’s up with that?! where have i been?!

oops…sorry :waving: :waving: knitcrazy!! We are happy, happy to have you join. I’m sure that you will have loads of fun and learn bunches of stuff and meet lots of fun :XX: and :XY: !!
you have a very :XX: evening, hopefully not a :frog: evening :wink:

Rebecca, you crack me up! Hope you had a good :XX: night.

Now that you are a big designer, you are probably WAY too busy to notice such things as a silly “quote” button! :wink:

Yes! See how handy the little quote thingy can be though! :wink:

Glad to have you around, Penny. Now you just need an avatar, and you’ll be all set!

Thanks for the Lively Welcome Rebecca…

I can see already that I am going to enjoy this Fun group of Knitters!!! :happydance: