Hello from your KnittingHelp founder/video-lady

Hi everyone :waving:

It’s been so long since I’ve been active on the forum, that it seems a reintroduction is in order. I’m Amy, the voice and hands behind the videos on the site, and the one who created the site back in 2004! :knitting:

I don’t have any kind of big announcement or anything, just saying “Hi everyone!” You might see more of me here this Summer at least. Not because I have a ton of time or anything, but just because I miss being here.


Hey kids, it’s the “Administrator.” How exciting! This is kind of like meeting the producer of your favorite movie or the author of your most loved book.

Is it apropos to say “Welcome back”?

At any rate, it’s definitely in order to say thanks so much for creating this site and for the very helpful videos. I wouldn’t be knitting today if it weren’t for KH!

Very, very pleased, proud, and honored to ‘meet’ you! I want to thank you so very much for the videos, they helped me so much!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Good to see you back Amy, you’re something of a mythic person to the newbies I think. But you won’t be for long.

:notworthy: Wow! Awesome to meet you.

This site and the videos have taught me so much. It’s my goto when I want to try something new. I picked up knitting needles for the very first time this past November and found this site when I got myself into a jam (or rather a snarl) :frog: as I was trying to learn the basics. The community is fabulous and everyone is so helpful!

It’s great to see you and I do hope you’ll be able to pop in now and again.

Good to see you here, Amy! :hug:

Good to have you back at this very helpful site with its excellant videos. I’m always delighted when other sites or pattern directions refer people here for more information.
How did it all get started?

Thanks for the welcome back, folks. :muah:

Once upon a time, I had a very humble personal website (actually I still do, although it’s totally outdated and old school), where I created a few pages devoted to my passions. I put up a few short video clips on it with the basic knit and purl stitches, and just a few others, maybe 10 videos total. This was around 2001. I forgot all about it, and then in 2004, we noticed it was getting thousands of views every month, so I thought I’d put up some more, and give the site it’s own domain name. It was all done just in the spirit of sharing, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

My husband Sheldon ran a web design business at the time, as well as servers for web hosting, which made the whole thing affordable/doable, back when bandwidth was expensive. (This was pre-YouTube! Can you imagine? :shock:) Nothing like it existed, so it immediately took off, which was pretty thrilling. :slight_smile:

Hi Sue,
I’m a Newbie, and can’t determine whether or not what someone listed for stash sale a year ago is still available, or even who to ask. Have I come to the right place?
Linda (mapknitter)

Well no, you want to post in the thread where they listed it, or probably pm or email the person. Click on their name and a menu pops down where you can select to pm them; if you go to their profile there’s a link to email them if they allow it.

Welcome to the Forum though, happy to see new members.

BIG HAPPY THANK YOU TO YOU FOR THIS. Not sure if you remember me, but I emailed you a few months back asking questions. Since then, I have had so many wonderful experts in this forum and your videos. I have knitted at least 8 to 10 projects and a request list from friends and familly.

Thank you so very much. I absolutely love knitting and am so glad I picked up a pair of bamboo sticks and yarn!!!

(I have since graduated to Denise Exchange circulars LOL.

Thank you again! I feel so fulfilled every single day!! :muah:

I just wanted to say thanks so much for your videos. I’ve learned so much from you.

YAY!!! :woohoo:

Happy to have your presence & input on the forums, Amy!

:roflhard: OMG You are real! :roflhard:

Love your videos, love the site, love knitting thanks to your videos and this site. Thank you!

Hi Amy!

I am an off and on visitor to the KH forums, but I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me to knit!

I learned from watching your videos 5 years ago and I still re-watch them from time to time when I am using a technique I haven’t used in a while.

I wonder how many people have learned to knit just by watching your videos, like I did? :slight_smile:

Nice to hear from you, Amy! I learned to knit on your site and now teach knitting at my church, referring people here for when I can’t be there to help them.
HOw’s life for you? The baby isn’t a baby anymore, right?

I would also like to add my thank you to the list. I have learned so much from the videos. I usually need to learn something at midnight, so it has been nice to have a knitting teacher available 24/7! I am primary caregiver to my disabled daughter and this has given me the chance to learn a new skill when I have a few minutes. The group of members on KH has always been friendly and has promptly and expertly answered questions. This is one of the nicest communities on the web. So thank you Amy and thank you to the KH community at large!

I just want to say thank you so much! This site has been soooo useful! I’m a 12 year old whose been knitting since I was 8 but I didn’t know about purling or any other stitch until this year when my aunt introduced me. I had so much trouble because i had never knitted anything other than scarfs! This site is my secret miracle!

Thanks again! Kayley:thumbsup:

Hi Kayley and welcome to Knitting Help. Great to have you here.

Hi Amy!!!

THANKS so much for getting this site together AND making all the helpful videos here! I teach a knitting/crocheting class at my church and I refer my students to this site all the time!

When I first learned to knit (around 40 years ago) there were only 2 ways to learn - in person or by reading a book. Now, thanks to you (and others) new knitters can watch videos over and over and over and over!!! :muah: