Hello from S.W. Kentucky!

Hello Knitting friends! :cheering: I am very happy to be here and look forward to gettting to know you all. :smiley: I found this website several weeks ago when I was looking for a website with good instructions teaching one how to knit.

(Thank you for this!)

My name is Robin. I will be 40 years old in September. I have four wonderful children, and we live near Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I am a SAHM and we homeschool. Learning to knit was something I had long wanted to do, but wanted to wait until my two daughters were both old enough to learn. If only I had known a few years ago that Helen Keller knitted at age five while both blind and deaf, we would have begun earlier. :lol:

My daughters are Emma,10, and Beka,8. We started learning how to cast on about three weeks ago. Then, we each learned how to knit and purl. We are each working on a long row of about 20 stitches, just alternating knitting and purling. We are enjoying this so!

I look forward to getting to know you all as much as you will let me. I enjoy spending time on-line as we do some homeschooling things on-line (research) and I enjoy updating my blog every day or couple of days. My husband is an over-the-road truck driver and is gone quite a bit. So, I will enjoy visiting with you all! :wink:

Welcome Robin! You’ll find this is a fun place to be!

Welcome! :waving:

Thank you, Ingrid and Jenelle, for the warm welcome! I am enjoying reading through some of the topics. :mrgreen:

Hello, Robin, and welcome! I am a homeschooling mom in Kentucky, too! This is such a great place to be to learn, get advice, or just have fun. [size=2]It can be quite addictive, however.[/size] :wink:

Welcome along, Robin! :waving:

:waving: Hey Robin :waving: And welcome, welcome, welcome to the forum!! Looking forward to getting to know you, I’m sure that you are gonna love it around here :wink:

Thanks Ladies for welcoming me! :mrgreen: I look forward to getting to know you lovely ladies and learning more and more about knitting. :XX:

About four years ago a friend of mine taught me how to make handmade soap from scratch. (not melt and pour, but the real stuff). We needed to have something more natural for our sensitive skin. For about two years I made that stuff non stop. Sold lots of it, too. But, then I realized that that was not what I wanted to do with my time, day after day, week after week, year after year. Yes, I do still make a 100% goatmilk soap for us, but just got burnt out on making so much for others. It took up so much of my time and left me little energy to teach and just be with my children.

Being that I love to create, I longed to do something,. I had bought all that yarn over about five years to crochet. I’ve known how to crochet since I was six, but honestly it bores me. :rollseyes: I had wanted to learn how to knit for so long. And, well, I am so glad to have discovered how much I enjoy it! And my daughters enjoy it very much, too.

So, thank you again, and I hope to be a part of this community for a long, long time! :mrgreen: (my favorite smilie!)

P.S. Good to see you, Kaye! How positively neat that you homeschool, too, and only a few hours from us. :slight_smile:

I’m new to the boards too, but welcome anyways! :smiley: My fiance is from a small town close to Clarksville, and we have been considering moving there in a few months. If we do, it’d be nice to have someone close by! :wink:

This board is very helpful. I’ve only been a member a couple of days, but I’ve lurked here for a very long time, watching the videos and looking at everyone’s FOs. Thought I might as well sign up!

Welcome Robin, from a fellow southerner (I’m in North Carolina).

I look forward to getting to know you in the forum!

Welcome Robin!!!