Hello from Maryland

Hello Knitters,

Just want to say hi.
I’m looking forward to share and learn more about knitting with you.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hello. Welcome to the forums.

Hi and welcome! I’m in Maryland too.

Welcome! I’m from Virginia, but I work in Rockville.


Welcome from South Central - PA that is, just outside of Hagerstown.

Another Marylander (Baltimore County) checking in to say “Hi & Welcome!”

Mirl56, the dog in your profile picture is BEAUTIFUL! Is he/she yours? Do I see some border collie?

That would be a he, Hawkeye. He is a big goofy mutt. Both his folks are purebreds, just different ones. Mom was a Great Pyrenees and Dad a Bernese Mountain Dog. He’s about 6 yrs old now I think, maybe 7.

Hi, I’ve just joined too. I’m in Scotland in the UK, interesting to see the differences in terminology used between the countries and to see what people enjoy making.

Just wanted to say hello and thanks for having a great sit? looking forward to meeting new scuba buddies. Nick

Welcome, Marylanders! I know Baltimore County well. I lived in the area for a year near Maryland Line. I could literally walk 50 feet out my back door and cross the Mason-Dixon Line between Southern York County, PA and Baltimore County. I miss it! You make me homesick! But my family’s here in Wisconsin. Maybe one of these years I’ll come back. My son will be going to school in York, PA so you know what that means. Road trip!