Hello from Eastern Oklahoma!

i just discovered the continental method, i call it the scoop method, as a crocheter it just worked for me…so excited to knit now! Never could figure out the normal knitting style and last week watched a lady at my jury duty knitting this way, first place google sent me was here…:happydance: I order a pair of cubics, and love them! I am in Oklahoma, a pet portrait artist and we have a hobby farm.


Welcome to KH! So glad you found a knitting method that works for you–and so glad you found us, too! There are lots of methods out there, not only in the way you hold the yarn and needles, but also in how you manipulate the yarn. If you get tired of knitting (yeah, right), you might look around YouTube to find some different ways to knit. Also, search this forum.

I learned crochet first, too, and found knitting to be very challenging. I think I’ve got the hang of it now, but I’m always amazed at people who find knitting easier than crochet!!!

What kind of hobbies do you raise on your farm? :teehee:

Hi. Welcome to knitting and Knitting Help. Glad you found out there’s more than one way to knit. I too crocheted first. I tried and tried to knit and couldn’t get it, then decided that there must be a better (for me) way and was playing around trying to do it more like crochet and it was mostly working, then I found out there’s this thing called Continental knitting and it’s what I was trying to do. Once I saw it done, I could do it! Now I can knit English but haven’t used it much yet, I will when I do color knitting. Knitting is easier on my hands than crochet so I’ve not crocheted much for quite a while.

Also in NE Oklahoma, just outside Tulsa, in Broken Arrow. Glad you found KH! Maybe I’ll see you knitting around!

:thumbsup: well, the feathered kind…ducks, chickens, guineas, very busy too!:slight_smile:

Hi! not that far from here, muskogee here… so far knitting hats…:slight_smile: