Hello from a Brand New User to this Site - I have a question!

I just finished knitting a cotton short-sleeved sweater, but realized it’s too short for me. :?? I can’t believe I didn’t realize it would be so short sooner, but I really like it, otherwise. Any suggestions about how to lengthen a sweater after it’s done? The body was done in a garter rib pattern. Any ideas?

mitchm~ I’m not sure the best way to go about this would be… if you knitted the sweater from the neck down you could prolly un-do the bo and add on…but if knitting from bottom up…I’m not to sure about that one… :teehee:

Welcome to the forum!! :happydance:

You could pick up stitches at the bottom and add some kind of band – that’s all I can think of. :shrug:

Is it not possible to pick up stitches along the bottom of the sweater and continue on in the rib pattern until the sweater is the length you desire?