Hello friends!

Hi everyone! I’ve been absent for longer than I actually thought, but life happens, I guess.

I apologize to anyone who I left hanging in any way, and I hope to be around more to ‘talk’ to old friends and meet the new.

I missed this place:muah::muah:

Welcome back! :hug:

We missed you! Welcome back! :cheering:

Welcome back! Everyone has missed you!

We missed you, too! And all your fabulous expertise!! Get knitting again! :yay:

Welcome back! We really missed you!

:woot: :woohoo: :hug: we’ve been worried…glad you’re back

:cheering: They like me! They really like me!:lol::rofl:

Jan–what’s this about you having more posts than I do??? :wink:

Yay! Ingrid’s Back!!!
:cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:

She caught up while you were away. See what happens…?

:roflhard: Well, it’s like this… I was here and you were not! Nya, nya! Get posting girl! :thumbsup:

Ingrid, you are very well-liked and respected! We enjoy your knowledge in the HOW-TO forum,
as well as your kind replies and comments in all the forums! Welcome back! :hug:

Welcome Back. Your were truly missed.

Good to see you again!!

Welcome Home, Ingrid!! :cheering:

The first thing I noticed today was Ingrid’s avatar (which I really like) and her reply to a thread I clicked on. I stopped to check the date to see if it was a new posting.

Welcome Back Ingrid. You have been missed.

Thank you so much, everyone!:grphug:


Welcome back! :slight_smile: