Hello fellow knittiers!

Hola ^_^. I know that I’ve posted alot lately, but I rememberd that I forgot to introduce myself :rofling:. Hehe lol. Anyway, I decited that introcuce myself for the heck of it.

Hi. I’m DreamWeaver, but I go by April (that’s not my real name. Hehe I wish). Anyway, I’ve been knitting for half a year and I can’t stop. As said before by someone on this forum (I think it’s Ingrid) it’s worse then crack (but AHL better for you). I’m still in school (not collage, high school)and have tons of my friends knitting.

Anyway… just thought I’d add that. Oooooh, I’ll add a poll. Anyway, Salve fellow knitters of KH, and happy knitting :XX:

Welcome!! :waving:

Welcome! It’s good to see lots of different ages here, we can all learn from each other right?

:waving: Welcome to the forum :thumbsup:
My fave st right now is anything lacey :wink:

I :heart: stockinette, because it looks so “clean”, but I don’t like the curling, so if the piece won’t look weird with it, I try to do a garter or seed border.

well, I needed google to find out what the stitches are (the Dutch name is of course different, I’m not familiar with the English name)

But stockinette is my favorite. I just like the way it looks, although it sometimes is a bit boring to knit :wink:

Hi April! I just graduated high school. Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

It’s so neat that so many of you youngin’s are knitting these days. :mrgreen: Maybe in another ten years (or hopefully less!), knitting will no longer conjure up images of grannies in rocking chairs. :thumbsup:

Renna…I’m not always in my rocker…

Welcome April! :waving:

I know it’s boring to some, but I LOVE to do garter stitch patterns. It’s so easy and I can do other things while I’m knitting, like watching tv or listening to books on tape. Also, I have tendonitis in my wrists, so the other stitches hurt sometimes. :frowning:

I guess it would be easier if I wasn’t such a tight knitter. K2tog can sometimes be MURDER to my hands, especially if I’m using a yarn that splits easily. And don’t even get me started on SSK…whew! :shock:

But, I do love to make socks, and I have to use those stitches for the gusset and toes. I endure it, because I love the finished product.