Hello fellow knitters

Hi there me again Knittinghopeless

Hello internette and debbie

Yes I have a project from her book debbie bliss number four.
Essential Jacket using Debbie Bliss merino chunky. I have some nice patterns from her books if your interesting in, some I could email you them or even fax you.
Bye the way when RU coming to jolly old London?? I am a transplanted Canadian from Montreal. :XX:

hello, I am hoping next fall to be back in London, could even be summer, my roommates daughter has a house in St. Andrews and it is free most summers. Fall is best travel discounts and hotel fairs usually for us.
I miss the shows so much.
Does Debby Bliss actually teach any classes in her shop? How about Kaffe Fassett does he do classes or anything? I am a huge Fassett fan.[/b]

Welcome to the forum! I sure wish you had been here this summer when I was looking for local yarn stores and knitters in London ! I did get to KIP (knit in public) when I was there … and that was fun. Most of the yarn I found was in department type stores … BUT it was all wonderful …every minute of the trip! And I love knitting with the yarn I brought home. Best vacation souvenir a girl could buy :slight_smile:

:waving: Hello and welcome…come on in, grab some sticks & fiber & have some fun :cheering: :cheering: