Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to make this post to introduce myself. I am new to KnittingHelp and new to knitting/crocheting. I am self taught and am in love with the craft. I am currently working on a crochet project that is beginner friendly. I found it in a magazine. Its a baby blanket. So far so good. I am about 50% through it. I would post a pic of it but I havent figured out how to post pics yet :aww:

I would love to meet some new people and make new friends. Hope to talk to you all soon :heart:

Hi! I am self taught too. I crochet more than knit since I’m better at crochet LOL Currently working on a round ripple, they are fun to do and beginner friendly too.

Round Ripple?? I’ll have to look that up–sounds cute and fun lol

Hello, Eager, and welcome to the forum.

I’m a long-time crocheter and a short-time knitter. These days, though, I’m mostly a kayak fisherwoman what with the gorgeous warm, spring weather we’re having here in Texas. I guess you could say I’m a seasonal crafter. In particular, spring and fall tempt me to be outside doing . . . something (not crocheting or knitting, that’s for sure).

Please do post pictures of your finished projects. We love to see them and to applaud your work!!

Hello everyone…i’m new to this forum too !

I’m new here too. :slight_smile:

And I’d like to share a picture… :slight_smile:

Hi all of you new people. Welcome, while I taught myself to knit about a year ago - I just recently taught myself crochet. I LOVE IT. (not more than knitting though) I really prefer crocheted dish/bath cloths, and I have gone made making them this week. It’s great practice, you don’t have to follow a specific pattern, and it’s super fun, and almost instant gratification because it’s so fast.

Good luck, keep at it, and don’t give up! I know I can always use more crafty friends.