Hello everyone

hi, apperently no-one is in the ‘how to’ forum so i washopeing someone in here could help me with a question…

i was wondering how you would be able to count your rows. i dont have the little circles and i have a feeling that even if i did i wouldnt know what to do with them. please help, because i have a big project i would like to start today! :XX:

If no one is in the other sections, post there, anyway. I think most of us just look for new posts and all of them come up.

The little rings are for keeping track of stitches on your needle, rather than counting rows. There are little row counters available that you slip on your needle and turn each time you finish a row, but you probably don’t have one lying around.

You can count your rows with a hatch mark on a piece of paper, or when I have a specific number of rows to do, I write those numbers on a piece of paper and cross them out as I complete them.

Or you can just count the number of v’s up from the bottom and that will tell you how many rows you’ve knit. If your knitting has a stitch pattern, though, keeping track is the most sure way.

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Of course I’m new and may change my mind one day. LOL.

Here are some selections from KnitPicks…my fave being the Electronic Row Counter…don’t know what I ever did without it…YES I DO…I messed up alot!!

OOOoooo… I want one of thoes!
So I need an interchangeable set and an electronic counter for Christmas! :smiley:

Girl…I :heart: LOVE :heart: …really LOVE my electronic row counter!! LOL, yes, I look stupid when I walk out of the house with it around my neck :roflhard: :rofling: …but, I always know where it is & what row I’m on :wink: