Hello everyone!

I’ve been lurking on this site for months and just today registered for my own account for some help on a hat I’m knitting so I felt like it was time to introduce myself!

I taught myself how to knit when I was 15(?) but was doing it in such an akward and slow way that I never stuck with it. Now I’m 19 and I’ve just finished my first year of college. My first semester a group of girls on my hall decided to pick up knitting and it renewed my interest. I found this site and haven’t looked back!

My biggest regret is that I’m extremely sensive to wool and can’t knit with any blend of it :frowning: My upcoming project is on hold until I can find bulky cotton in bright orange, yellow and rust red. Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m happy to be here!


Welcome!! :smiley: So glad you signed on. You’ll love it here!! Sorry about you not being able to work with any wool at all. I’m sure you’ll find some yarns that you love. :XX: :XX:

Hi SC! :waving:
Welcome to the forum!!
I’m 19, too! :thumbsup:

Hey, SC, so happy you signed up for the forum!! I’m sorry about your sensitivity to wool, but there are so many new fibers out there, I’m sure you will quickly find a fave :wink:

Hi sparky! Welcome :slight_smile:

I’m definitely doing my best to find some awesome cotton yarns (my recent favorite has been artful yarns’ candy!)


Thanks for the welcome!


Alpaca is supposed to be hypoallergenic, and you also have the options of silk, bamboo, soy, etc. Cotton isn’t your only option.

of a chapter in Yarn Harlot where she keeps knitting wool gifts for her friend that is allergic to wool. Stephanie was just determined that the allergy was psychosymatic and not a true allergy. I laughed all the way through that chapter!

Glad you joined us!

Here are some yarns that might interest you. Not all of them are 100% cotton, but a few are. And, the Rowan Cotton Tape (next to last one) is supposed to be really nice and lightweight, even though it’s a bulky gauge.







Hope this helps!