Hello Everyone

I am 48 and live in Ottawa, Canada. I married with two adult kids and and a step granddaughter and she is the sweet thing every. I have been knitting since I was abotu 10 when my mother bless her heart taught me and I have been enjoying it ever since.

Welcome Nan! :waving:

Hi there Nan! Welcome! :waving:

Welcome to KH, Nan! :cheering:

Hello, and welcome!! :cheering:

Welcome! :waving:

:waving: Hi Nan!

Hello and welcome, Nan! :cheering:

Hi Nan! Welcome to KH! :XX:

:waving: Hey :waving: Hey, Nan…welcome…come on in & have some fun, looking forward to getting to know u :wink:

:waving: Greetings from the middle of Canada!