Hello, can I have some help please?

Hi everyone, I am new to the site as well as being a being a relatively knew knitter (I have done Jumpers with basic stitxh only) and I really need some help please!
I am doing a chunky king cole short ladies jacket (4859) and have got to to the part where I shape the arms as follows

And I have read other posts on here where some one helpfully said to write down stitch by stitch as I decrease in order to keep the pattern correct but I have unravelled the knitting 12 times now as each time I do it the ribbing has shifted- is there any help- or way of ‘seeing’ what stitch I should be doing? The wool is getting slack as I’ve done this part so many times!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Rai

After making the decrease at the start of the row and before proceeding, look at your work, not at the edge but from about halfway across the row, and read the pattern in the sts - 3knits,1purl,3knits ,1purl follow the sts back to the right side edge to see which is the correct stitch to proceed with. The edge sts will be lost in the seam when you join the pieces together and will not be seen but the central sts are the important ones to get right.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Ah thank you so much notknittingknots.
Really grateful for your reply, I am really keen to get better at this and so I will persevere and try what you’ve said!
Hopefully I can do this…
I love knitting and don’t know anyone that does k it, so glad for a website like this.
Thanks again
Rai :raising_hand_woman:‍♀