Hello anja knits blog help please :)

hi… i came across our blog from KH but can’t seem to find the origional post that i linked from… anywhoo… i saw your knitted slippersyou made for your dd, and i love them. my question/problem is that when i went to the site you got the pattern from, it was no longer there :pout: would you be willing to share? i’d like to make some for my dd too… she never leaves shoes on either.
TIA :muah:

I found it via the wayback machine: simple mules :smiley:

julie!!! THANK YOU :muah: :muah: :muah: i have no idea what the wayback machine is…lol but thank you thank you :cheering: :cheering:

Thank you Julie :smiley: this saves me from typing out the pattern :cheering:

thank you both for responding! i really appriciate it! :blooby: