Hello and help please 🙂



Hi All,

I’m Michelle, a Scot living in London.

I recently took up knitting after a 10 year hiatus - my gran taught me when I was little. I’m really loving it and have made some really nice things so far.
Anyway I’m currently working a pattern and I’m totally stuck. It’s for a little bolero for a child.

I’ve made the fronts, back and sleeves - my problem is with the cuff edging. For ref, it’s pattern Peter Pan P1110 dk.

So, firstly I’m assuming it wants me to cast on the needle and not pick up stitches from the sleeves?
Then my struggle is from the very first row. I don’t end on 10sts, yfwd 4 times - do I just pull the yarn forward 4 times without knitting the stitch?

Sorry for being so long and I’d massively appreciate any kind of help you could offer!

Can’t wait to get to know you all :upside_down_face::raised_hands:t2:


Hi Michelle, for the yfwd x 4 you bring the yarn from back to front between needles and continue over the top of the left(working) needle to the back again and repeat the action another 3 times - what used to be called a yrn, yarn round needle. For the first of the yfwd’s you simply bring the yarn from back to front between the needles and that is it,the action is complete - no sts are used. When you continue to knit the k2tog you bring the yarn over the left needle from front to back and work the k2tog as usual.
So, sl1, k1,yfwd,k2tog,yfwdx4,k2 = 10 sts
For row2, when working those 4 yfwds as k1,p1,k1,p1 be careful you don’t pull more than 1 yfwd off the needle when working them - very easily done!!
Hope this helps, enjoy your knitting


Thanks so much Linda! Massively appreciate the help.