Hello and advice please

Hello :waving: I am a very new (and very bad) knitter from the UK. I have done a couple of scarves in the hairy, hide a multitude of sins wool. My biggest problem is picking up extra stitches. Can anyone help me with :-

Ideas for laughlingly simple yet satisying projects

Best size needles and yarn for a beginner ( I have tried using cotton, which feels lovely but is hard work!)

Would I be better as a beginner using bamboo needles

Please say it gets easier !!!

Many thanks for any advice

It gets easier!! Really it does. Stay away from the hairy novelty yarns. They are forgiving in that they hide mistakes, but they also are so hard to work with that they create mistakes.

I always suggest either a worsted weight with about an 8 needle or bulky weight yarn and maybe a 10 needle. Use a light color so you can see your stitches easilyand knit, knit, knit. Start with a soft acrylic or blend–no point in spending lots of money on practice yarn. Or if you want to use the cotton you can make wash clothes–small, easy projects. Scarves are usually good practice, too.

WELCOME, Dakirk! :waving:

It DOES get easier…I PROMISE!

Its hard to answer your questions in an absolute way…

I would say that needles no smaller than (US size) 8 and a worsted or heavier yarn will probably work best for a beginner. I learned on chunky yarn. A lighter color will help your ability to see the stitch anatomy.

If you know how to knit and purl, try making the SCRUNCHABLE SCARF. Its satisfying as it has somewhat of a pattern and makes a NICE SOFT SQUOOSHY material.

As to the needles, that is SUCH a personal preference. I dont like metal needles, beginner or not. They are too slippy for my taste. But, some like the slippiness. If you have an arena in which you can try several types to see what works best for you, then take advantage of that.

If you are picking up extra sts, my guess would be that you are knitting into the “legs” of the st at the beginning of a row. Make sure that you bring your working yarn down around the FRONT of the work and THEN toward the back. If you move the yarn UP and OVER the work, then the “legs” will show…you will see how easily one st can be mistaken for 2.

I hope Ive been able to help!

It gets so very, very much easier!! Please don’t get discouraged :smiley: !!
My recommendation for beginner’s yarn is plain worsted wt yarn, it is the medium wt yarn & basically the workhorse of knitting! Bamboo needles are an excellent selection because they are not as slippery as metal needles and the sts stay on bamboo needles better as a result. Should you go with worsted wt yarn, I would recommend grabbing some 7, 8 & 9 needles…with these different sizes you can practice gauge and see how diferent size needles change the size of your projects. Picking up sts is best done with a crochet hook that is suitable for the size yarn that you are using. Now…chin up… :fingerwag: no worries, don’t stress, just relax…and remember…you are doing this for fun! And…the Wright brothers didn’t soar on their 1st attempt!! LOL, it will take practice. Grab some yarn & sticks and kick back at the computer and Amy’s helpful videos and you will be knitting in no time :wink:

Many thanks for your replies :smiley: What time is it in the US - for some reason I thought you would all be in bed!

Its almost 7:30 in Chicago…Im about to get in the shower! I like to have coffee with my knitting friends in the morning. :lol:

Ah - its lunchtime here!

:waving: Welcome to the forum!! It does get easier and this place is great to help when you get stuck I’d be sooo lost without the help of the knitting buddies!! :thumbsup:

Welcome to the forum dakirk!

5 mm needles might be good ones to start with. And wool is a lovely material to use - a soft pretty wool of course. Merino is especially nice to feel. There are simple shawls that you could use or give as gifts. Or you could find a nice feeling acrylic for a pretty baby blanket. I bet your local yarn shop can show you some nice yarns. You could use a DK or larger size yarn.