Hello ... and a question

Hi All,
I am new to the site and wanted to say hello and thank you to all those who contribute - what a valuable tool! I started knitting almost a year ago but as a “first generation” knitter my questions have gone unanswered.
That said, I was wondering if anyone can solve this problem for me: I’ve noticed that when switching between knit and purl and vise versa on the same side of a piece, as in a rib, the stitches (particularly the knit stitches) tend to get a little loose/sloppy/untidy. Is there any way to avoid this?

Welcome! You’ll like it here.

I find that after many years of knitting that I automatically give an extra pull to the yarn as I switch back and forth. You can see the stitch tug up to the needle. I’m sure at first I had to do it consciously, but it became second nature after a while.

This is an example of how it pays to actually watch what happens when you knit rather than making the stitches and then wondering what you did.

I hope this helps.