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I’m new to this forum and also to knitting. Just learned to cast on, knit and purl, but can’t understand how to bind off. Also not sure if I should be doing something different with the selvedge–the book I have mentioned knitting or purling two stitches at the end of each row? For my first project, I started a scarf with a really thick yarn and had to start over because of curling. Then I found some info online about using the garter stitch to avoid the curling, but am wondering if any other stitches work? Garter is so bulky. I “finished” the scarf to realize that I need to start over with less stitches per row, because it wasn’t long enough. I had a little trouble changing yarn balls and weaving the yarn ends in, but got it to work ok. All that to say I’m eager to hear what you all do to solve the problems I’m having.

You can do a garter border to decrease the curling of stockinette. The way you do this is to knit the first couple of rows before starting in stockinette. On every row of stockinette the 1st 2 and last 2 stitches should be knit. This will cut down on curling. Blocking the scarf after you’re done knitting will also help a bit.

There are some great videos here to help with binding off and joining yarns



(joining is toward the middle of the knitting tips page)

You don’t need to do anything special with selvedge sts, those are just the ones on the end and a pattern will tell you if you need to knit them differently than the rest. You could do seed st (k1, p1, k1) for 3 sts on each side, that should help the edges flatten out a bit. With bulky yarn, you can go up in needle size to 11 or 13s and it may not roll as much. Binding off is just like making another row, except you pass the 1st st over the 2nd one so they don’t stay on the right needle. Work 2 sts so they’re on the right needle, then just pull the outer one over the other. Do another st, pull the outer one over the other - repeat. When you’ve gone all the way across and have 1 st on the right needle then either thread the tail through the loop or pull out the loop. The video for casting off shows how to do this - cast off is the same as bind off.

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Stockinette is thinner than garter, but it does curl, that’s just the nature of the stitch. A garter stitch border, as mentioned. solves that. 2x2 ribbing also solves the rolling problem but is also kind of thick.

As for selvedge, it’s usually just a garter stitch border, but that varies with different patterns.

Weaving in ends is a pain but is needed if you join with something other than a felted join (which only works with yarn that will felt).

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