Hello all

Just wanted to say hi to all of the crafters out there in WI. any one near Sussex, WI? I am not on here reg. because I have my other yahoo groups that I am on.
I am working on my son’s afghan knitting it. working on my girlfriend’s two scarves, and now I am doing the log cabin afghan. Just learning how to pick up stitches.
Trying to find a full time job.
I am enjoying spending time with our son before he starts going to K4 in the fall. Boy after that first day of school, before I know it, he will be out of school. Boy time is going to fly by fast here.
well, time to get off the computer and start knitting here.
All take care and keep your hooks and needles going.
sue from WI

hey Sue! Nice to have you here. Sussex is near Milwaukee, right? There are a lot of people here from Northern Illinois, and many from WI too. Check out the Knitters Knear You forum, and you might meet some people in your area!

Actually, there are a lot of knitters from all over on this website. check the “knitters near you” part and you might be able to hook up with someone close