Hello all, I'm new to the forum.

I’m looking for the answer to how to stop a piece of knitting curling over at the bottom. I’m following a pattern first two rows are garter stitch on 3 1/4 needles changing to no 4 and stocking stitch. The garter stitch toes curl over on to right side. Oh, and using a double knit yarn. Any ideas greatfully received.

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Stockinette stitch does tend to curl and to flip a border in garter stitch. Making a deeper border can help fight this and blocking may help a bit. If it’s a sweater, the seams will help mitigate the curl.

What are you making? Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name? (Not the whole pattern because of potential copyright problems)
What type yarn, wool, acrylic, blend?

I think it looks worse on this cardigan pattern because of the style. It has 2 tiers that make a kind of frill, a bit like a ra ra skirt coming from the empire line. I am doing it for a 1-2 year old. It’s a Sirdar Snuggly pattern 4622. I wondered if I should try to knit the garter stitch rows tighter or use smaller size needles. Would that help?

Why not try a few things on a swatch? The smaller needles may help but I’ll bet that you’ll still need to block. If this is acrylic, I’ve used this technique for small knit projects. Again, try this on a swatch first to make sure you can get it to work without killing the yarn.

If you’re working with wool or a wool blend, pinning and spritzing or washing and pinning will help with the curl. It may not completely get rid of it, but it’ll help.

Ok thanks, I try that steam method. I’m not the most patient knitter I like quick results😀 . Which is why I mostly knit when we have little ones to knit for.

Unfortunately stockinette is pretty strong that way. It curls and it makes the edges curl unless they are pretty wide. And even then I’ve had them kind of fold over at the edge. Blocking can help. What are you making?

Tried the steam blocking method, it worked well. I would have been reluctant to iron or steam knitted items before great result for my first visit here!

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Thank you, and you too😀

You’re welcome!