Hello all Canuck knitters!

I’m brand spanking new here and would like to say a big hello to all knitters out there, especially us Canadians. Any others who are happy stay at home mommy’s? How is everyone’s winter going? I love these 'snow days cause we just stay at home and play, do crafts and KNIT!:knitting:

Welcome to our wonderful world of knitting addiction. I too am Canadian but I think I am more in the middle than you are. There was no snow day today here because we only had a dusting. I hope you didn’t get hit too badly.

Have a great evening!

Hello, from the west coast!

Hello Dangels! Coast to coast! Your having supper and I’m getting ready for bed, well, soon. After some…:knitting: I actually am from E-town (Edmonton) originally, then Whitehorse for 7+ years then Kamloops then here! All in all I have to say either coasts are the best. There is nothing like being near the ocean. This coast is just a little less expensive for a young family.

Hello The.Knitter! We are OK. This storm was nothing like the other what 5?:hmm: We have had. I don’t mind the snow. It is the cold I’m not fond of and the Yukon was great for that. Pretty windy here now though.

Love everyone’s nicknames.

Right now knitting a little backpack with a chevron pattern.

:waving: Hello from Quebec, and welcome! You’re from Atlantic Canada? My boyfriend is from New Brunswick and we try to go visit 2-3 times during the year. I love it! Now if only it didn’t snow that much… :teehee:

Hello from the most Southern City in Canada… :smiley:

I lived for a brief period in Nova Scotia when I was 5. I loved it there. I remember frequent visits to foggy beaches collecting shells and poking beached jelly fish with sticks…

Living near the ocean was amazing.

Ah yes, E-town aka Deadmonton! My in-laws are there… we usually go up every Christmas but we did not this year. Ugh tell me about expenses! One day, I’d like to take my kids to see the Atlantic Coast. Geez with what we are in now we can get a mansion and then some out there. Oop, gotta fly.

Hello from Southern Ontario! I’m a new transplant here myself. I’ve been in Southern California since I was 8 years old, and just moved here to get married this past August. The cold is definitely a shock to mine and my children’s San Diego systems, but we’re getting used to it. Am I nuts to say that I’m in love with the snow? From the light dustings to the accumulations, I love it. I hate the snow plow man though…with a passion that knows no end. Anyone know how to knit a voodoo doll?

Hello iza! Ya, it sure is allot of snow, but it is just so pretty when it sticks to everything.

Hello Krystal! How do you like Ontario? I have never stopped, only Ottawa and Toronto airports.

Dangles Hello! Yes, Edmonchuk. It makes me sad what a ‘boom’ can do to a city. My husband and I just don’t get the whole ‘keep up with the Jone’s’ attitude. Here you can be yourself and do not feel you are being judged by your size of your house or how many trucks you have.

alleusion Hello and welcome to snowy Canada! We sure talk about the weather allot eh?

I don’t think you are nuts, Alleusion. Snow is one of my favourite things. I love every season… but winter is my favourite. Even when I get sick of the cold, as long as everything is white and glittery I can deal with it.

Darcia, I love Ontario, we get a pretty wide range of weather here, ridiculously hot summers, very humid and very very cold winters I don’t mind so much, like I said before, I love every season… :inlove:

I am so far South I am a bit Americanized though. The majority of my tv and radio and news is all Detroit, so I grew up knowing American Fahrenheit … When I lived a teensy bit farther North-West Ontario for College everything was Celsius and I was so confused. :rofl:

Even further on the west coast (or the left coast as we affectionately call it! :teehee:), hello from Vancouver Island! :waving:

I am also a stay at home mom to two little boys…well not so little anymore, they are 4 and 6 and time flies!

Good Morning Knitqueen! Love your name.

Being a stay at home mom rocks. What is your favorite part of it? Mine is planning and doing activities with my dds. Anything from going on a hike and collecting rocks to baking… you name it.

Hey Darcia- another Southern Ontarian here. I grew up in Toronto and I currently live in Brantford- near Hamilton. Welcome to KH!

YAY…I’m from Ontario…hehehe…

Loving this website so much, and everyone’s so nice and helpful.

Am I the only one currently hailing from Alberta? I’m in Athabasca, which is a small town about an hour and a half north of Edmonton. I’m a piano teacher and a mom to twin girls who will be five in March. And boy am I looking forward to spring! :slight_smile:

Hi fellow, BC’er! You out in beautiful Victoria?

Not Victoria…Nanaimo. We love it here.

Hello from Calgary! :waving: I’m also a SoCal transplant! I’ve been here for about 2 years now. I’m starting to get used to the cold, but not the snow. We don’t get ‘pretty’ snow here. Once the morning rush has died down, all we have left is dirty, filthy, slushy yucky, snow. :ick: I never expected winter would be so filthy! I’m looking forward to spring, when I can go work in my garden :happydance:. Of course I get pretty dirty after gardening too, but at least I’m warm LOL. And for now I have my knitting to keep me busy! :knitting:

Beware Janiegirl, in Alberta there is another season before spring, called ‘BROWN’. The snow melts and/or evaporates, it is dry and still cold and WINDY. It happens mid-March-about end of April.

Janiegirl, I know what you mean about dirty snow! It’s really pretty first thing in the morning, but by the time the snowplows have been out, it just looks grimy… Ha ha… Fellow Albertan!