Hello Again!

Hi KHers!!

I have been gone a looong time, but now I’m back.

My absence was mostly because I wasn’t knitting… I had started Knitpicks’ Lusekofte and got really frustrated because I kept messing up and then basically gave up on the pattern. I’m knitting a Clapotis (I know!) OTN for > 1 year, and I realized I don’t really like the yarn, and I’m probably never going to wear it.

Also, I don’t have AC and it’s been a hot summer, so I haven’t been very motivated to knit. AND, I got a puppy about 2 months ago so I’ve been busy with that…

ANYWAY, this week I just got an INCREDIBLE urge to knit. I’m going to start a pair of socks (hopefully toe up, not sure what, if any, pattern yet). I also want to rip Lusekofte and use the yarn for an EZ Fair Isle yoke sweater. Hopefully I won’t have trouble following the pattern since… there is no pattern! :slight_smile:

Anyone have any ideas for toe-up socks?

And of course, here is a pic of the little baby that stole my heart. :inlove: :muah: Her name is Darcy and she is a Doberman (6 months). My other dogs Kate and Laika are in one of the photos.

I missed you guys!!! :grphug:

Welcome back! :cheering: Your new puppy is really cute and so are your other furbabies!

Have you knit socks before so you need/want a fancier pattern? This one is excellent for learning the toe up method if you’re using 2 circs (or another method if you’re able to figure out the translation).

It’s hard to hang on a knitting forum when you’re not doing it. Especially when the weather is what’s making you not want to.

I was hoping to do something a little fancier than “ribbing,” which is what I’ve done before. :slight_smile: The only other [I]pattern[/I] I have knit before was Jaywalkers, which were a terrible frogging mess because they were too tight. I saw on Silver’s Sock class that on her 1 sock on 2 circs she had a nice little cable. I think I will try that. My ankles/ calves are not very big so the other socks I made came out too loose, even in 2x2 ribbing. Going toe up will allow me to try them on and use fewer sts if needed! :thumbsup:

I wanted to do 1 sock on 1 circ, but there is no tutorial for that so I guess I will go with the 1 sock on 2 circs. I don’t really want to do 2 at a time because I know I will get a tangly mess.

I checked my stash of needles and realized I don’t have any Size 1 or 0 circs though! :noway: I only have those sizes in DPNs. So I guess it’s time to place a Knitpicks order. I am sure they have been wondering if I died or something. :rofl: