HELLLLPPP Im New. Problem with pattern

So I am teaching myself to knit. Starting my first project and I am making knitted squares to put together to make a blanket. I think I know what area is causing the issue with the piece but I do not understand WHY (what I am doing wrong) this is occurring. My piece has decreases in it to make a flower design. When looking at the right side of the piece… the left side of the decreases do not have that pretty stitch going in a slant pattern on the left as it does on the right decreases. Here is one of the rows pattern. This is the last row that I stitched, row 10

purl 7 stitches, p2tog tbl on WS, yarn over needle, purl 5, yarn over needle, p2tog on ws.

I believe my error is on the p2tog tbl on WS…

What am I doing wrong?

Im doing a lace bouquet design.

Thanks a bunch! :aww:

Yeah if you ptog tbl it makes the stitches look twisted on the knit side. Instead, do ssp - slip 2 sts separately as if to knit, put them back on the L needle [I]then[/I] ptog tbl. They’ll like a lot flatter. This looks the same as ssk on the right side.