Hi, I’m a newbie here and to knitting, I am making a jumper and currently have 95 sts. the next instructions are as follows and I can’t grasp it at all! inc 1 st at each end of next and foll 6th row, then on 6 foll 4th rows, then on foll 9 alt rows, then on foll 11 rows, ending with as row. 151 sts !!! any help really appreciated.

Call the next row, row 1. Increase at each end of row 1 and 7,
then on rows 11,15,19,23,27,31,
and finally on each of the next 11 rows: etc.
Remember that you have 2 increases per row. That’ll increase 56 sts.

yay you superstar thank you so much. :grin:

Enjoy finishing the jumper and post a photo when you do. . We’re all happy to help.

thank you so much, I am about half way through, so will post a picture asap. :grin:

Help it is me again! sorry to be a pain, I have 107 sts on my needles, my pattern says k8 (p2,k3) (my size says 0 times) (k3, inc purpose in next at) 22 times (k3, p2) (again my size says 0 times) k11 how does this add to 107 sts??? my brain hurts ha ha

mwahahaha i had an epiphany and used my niggin, panic over. Thank you.