Heirloom Quality Yarn

In light of the expensive vs cheap yarn thread – which yarn(s) would you use to make items you want your great-grandchildren to cherish?

Nothing is more frustrating to me than spending hours and hours on a FO only to have it fall apart in 3 washing. Grrrrr :gah:

Isn’t that the truth.

I am very interested in the answer to this too.
The only things I have that were knit by my great Grandmother were some doll clothes made with Red Heart super saver like yarn. I’m not sure if Red Heart has been around that long but if it was they were definitely made with it!

I guess I would have to look at both the garment (how it is made and how it is worn) and the fiber.

The fewer times that a garment would need to be laundered, the longer its longevity. Also, classic patterns that can be worn in any generation helps.

I have a wool jacket that a great-aunt knitted when she was a teen in Germany. It must be 80+ years old. She lined the jacket and I don’t think she ever “washed” it, per se. I replaced the lining and had it dry cleaned once. I still get compliments on the jacket when I wear it.

I also have wool sweaters that my Nana knit for me 26 years ago that my daughter is wearing now.

So, my personal history points to wool being a good call. The sweaters that I have knitted for my dad and DH have held up really well and they are out of a wool/rayon blend.

Same here, but my mother or my sister has them.