Heidi Tote

Silver was mentioning her lack of enthusiasm for felted bags; maybe I’ll feel the same way, but since I haven’t tried yet, who’s to know? I looked at the Black Sheep site and saw the Heidi Tote which I thought was adorable AND sturdy. SO, with PayPal in hand, I bought a pattern. Looking forward to knitting (and felting) it up.

Wish me luck!

BTW, anyone knit this yet?

Heidi Tote

i haven’t done that one but i did the sophie and liked it a lot. (btw don’t pay for it…there are stores out there charging for it but it is a free one out online!) I am not sure that i will find a bag that i will end up using after i knit it because most bags are too small for me to use but i reeeeeeeeally like knitting them and my friends and family like rcving them so it is worth it for me! I think lining them makes them stronger AND you can make them even cute with fun fabric lining!

:heart: loving it…I love most all of their bags, too!! my fave is the oregon…but I’ve not yet gotten the pattern…too many others to be done 1st!
What colors are u using?

brenda, do you mean that the Sophie bag is free on line somewhere?

rebecca, not sure yet. Have to look through my stash and see if I have anything that will work (I don’t own any Cascade so I have to research what a sub can be for that yarn). Of course, I really just wanna buy some brand new yarn! Ooops!


yup yup. i googled it for ya. it is on magknits…


it was the first project i did that required me to pick up stitches…well actually no it wasn’t but the first one i did was soooooo narrow that i couldn’t figure out how to knit it after i picked up the stitches so i frogged and made sophie instead! :smiley: easy peasy except for that I-cord that i can’t seem to master!

you rock! thanks brenda!