Heh, the hospital told me to knit

Last night I went to the ER and was diagnosed as having anxiety attacks (long boring story, won’t go into it). Anyway, on the release paperwork it says, “When you get home, do something relaxing such as sitting in a comfortable chair, watching tv, reading a book, knitting, etc…” I haven’t knit in over a month. Maybe that’s why I’m having anxiety attacks. :roflhard:

I noticed that on paper work before my Mom’s knee replacement surgery . They told them to bring something to do while laying in bed and knitting was the 2nd or 3rd thing on the list.

I hope it helps your anxiety! My sister w/anxiety has found knitting helps keep hers to a minimum.

Now those are doctors instructions that I would have no problem following! :hug:

I love it! Now next time someone bothers you, you can say “not now, doctor’s orders, I have to do my therapy”!

  • hope you are feeling better soon!

I love that prescription!! I hope it is just the medicine you need.

Oooooh, I didn’t even think about it that way! Now I’m not just sitting on my butt and knitting when I should be doing something else. I’m following doctors orders to deal with my anxiety. I think this means a whole lot more knitting time with a whole lot less guilt. :teehee:

I want your ‘scrip’!

Seriously! How fantastic would it be to have that! I’d frame mine and then any time I find myself spinning out of control I could pull out my ‘scrip’ and justifiably sit down and knit!

That would answer my husband! My kids would take more persuading to leave me be but!

I just want to say I hope you find help! I’ve had anxiety attacks too. Since I was a Psych Major in Uni I decided to ‘self-treat’ myself by quitting my job. The DH didn’t get it at the time and by the time I saw the Doctor my symptoms were gone because I made the right choice… but that didn’t help the Doctor tell my DH that I had made the right choice.

hmmmm…wondering if insurance will cover the cost of yarn or maybe even offer a co-pay;)

something to think about…:teehee:

Let’s get Michael Moore right on it!!!

I have an anxiety disorder and the knitting is FABULOUS for it! I agree with the doc! It is so relaxing (OK unless you are trying something new! LOL) and it is almost like a meditation kind of thing with me. Even when doing a simple stitch it occupies me enough to distract the anxiety!

Enjoy your prescription…but be warned, it can lead to yarn addiction!

I too have been diagnosed with panic/anxiety disorder. For years before I found knitting, I would do puzzles, color pictures, anything that kept my hands in tune with my mind so that I didn’t start on the cycle of anxiety. I am on and still take medication, but I am positive that my knitting has helped with the symptoms, because I feel that for anxiety you need to incorporate activity (hands moving) with thought (stitches, pattern, etc) in order to fully engage the body and release the anxiety. (Ahem… psych degree too… I will stop spouting termonolgy now…) And, of course the accomplishment of creating something of your own I think also helps to detract from negative/anxiety thinking in that you are focused on your accomplishments and not what is worrying you.
in other words, Yay knitting:yay:

I LOVE IT!!! :roflhard::roflhard:
Unfortunately, My dr. told me NOT to knit b/c of hand and arm problems. :hair: I’ll trade ya!:slight_smile:

I agree with everyone. I too have panic disorder and am on medication but I will honestly say that knitting/crocheting is what got me through the worst of it. There have been theories on the benefits like lower blood pressure, and more. Hope it helps and you feel better :wink:

I’m coming to your hospital! Last time I was in I was asked NOT to knit! The cheek! Too noisy apparently.

that sound awesome!!! :mrgreen:

I, also, was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and knit as a kind of meditation. It focuses my brain on a “simple” activity so that the rest of my mind can find peace.

Plus it’s preeeeeety:-)

I have pretty bad anxiety as well, and knitting is helping to a point. I just got new insurance and I finally have mental health benefits. I’ve been getting awful tension headaches because my anxiety is completely out of control. I can’t wait to get back to normal!

I also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, in fact I’m on disability because of my anxiety, and knitting and spinning have so far helped me more than anything else I’ve tried.
While many other hobbies were recommended to me, knitting was never one of them, I just happened to stumble upon it, but oh, how great it would be if I can get a prescription for a half pound of silk!

After a couple times of fixing and unraveling stitches I have learned that I can’t knit on ativan (Tranquilizer, I only take it when I either feel an attack coming on or, more realistically, am in the middle of one), so for when that happens, I spin, and end up producing some “interesting” novelty yarn :lol:

I tend to get overwhelmed incredibly easily, since it can be so hard to do what others consider simple everyday things, and concentrating while having an anxiety attack or “episode” (not quite an attack, but not pleasant either) is pretty hard, so it’s always reassuring and helpful to know what I can achieve by being patient and just taking it a step/stitch at a time.

I know it is illegal to share prescriptions, but I hope you don’t mind if I take some of your medicine :slight_smile:


I learned to knit to quit smoking and it worked - over one year now (believe me - I was a smoker!) I LOVE to knit!