Heels for socks

Where can I find different styles of turning heels?

I don’t really like the one my pattern uses because it is a bit lumpy on the bottom r/l edges where the heel meets the floor, and it isn’t very aestheticaly pleasing, either.

I’d like something a bit more smooth and less noticeable.

(I am right in assuming there ARE different styles, aren’t I? :shock:)

You may want to search on “short row heel”. Im lookin forward to trying that one myself. Its nice and round.

Yes!! That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for: a heel like a commercial sock. Thanks! :thumbsup:


I am just not happy with the short row heel. It makes these gaping eyelets that I cannot possibly close up by picking up stitches. Some of the eyelets are so far in that picking up stitches will create an uncomfortable seam-like thing inside the sock.


Any suggestions before I :frog: and start over?

It may take a few minutes to find these things, but I’ve got sock stuff here & there…for starters try this :smiley:

There are different short row heels, try this and this and I will continue to look :smiley:
Yet another short row heel
Ahhhh…This is what I was looking for, scroll to the bottom of the page for the links…good luck :wink:

Oh!! Praise for Rebecca, the Queen of Socks!!!

The afterthought heel is absolutely fascinating…I’m heading off to look at the others…more in a bit

Oh my :blush: , thank you and u r certainly welcome :smiley: !!
Well, here you will find some more suggestions :smiley:

Thanks so much! :notworthy:

I think I might try the peasant heel…We’ll see how that goes. :smiley:

Oh, and since you are the Sock Queen, do you have any tips for avoiding ladders? We’ve been discussing them, albeit with a digression, here.

One way that I have dealt with the “eyelet-y” holes when picking up stitches is to pick up through not only the stitch along the edge, but also to pick up the back of the stitch to its’ side. I have a friend who crochet’s her stitches on. I think (because I haven’t tried it and have only watched her do it once) she uses a hook to pick up the stitches and then makes a double crochet (maybe a single) before adding it to her needle. It looks funky, but she doesn’t have a hole.

Hm…I haven’t :frog: this yet, so maybe I’ll give that a try. I’ve crocheted for the better part of 30 years (ack!), so I have a fairly good sense of what you’re describing. I’ll give it a go and report back.

I’ve found that this is really neat and handy.

As far as ladders go, I find what Nicolethegeek said, “Using four needles seems to decrease the “pressure” on the gap between the first and last stitches of each needle. Even if your ladder only seems apparent at one point, decreasing the “stress” seems to help in my socks.” to be absolutely correct, which is why I use 5 dpns, with socks on 4, I also find that a slight tug given on the 2nd st on the dpn helps a great deal. It’s an unknown fact that if u pull too hard on the 1st st on the dpn that this too may cause ladders…don’t know why, just know it happens…found this out the hard way, then my LYS owner explained it to me, the only thing that stuck was not to pull really hard on the 1st stitch, but not the reasoning behind it…LOL :roflhard: ! So, I give a slight tug on the 1st st, and bit more of a tug on the 2nd. Also, if u find that u still have ladders, move the sts around on the needles, this could help, too…for example, if u have 12 sts on all needles, on the 1st needle knit the 12, plus 2 (or however many more) from the next needle & do the same around…just keep track of your FIRST stitch & make sure sts are in proper placing for decreasing.
Hope this is helpful…you can go to www.socknitters.com and find a wealth of info & can email them with questions, too. :wink:
HAVE FUN…BECAUSE KNITTING SOCKS IS TOO MUCH FUN…and a tad addicting :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

WOW!! That is neat and handy!

Thanks! It’s in my bookmarks now…

Silver said much the same thing regarding the tugging making ladders worse, and I have noticed that myself. Bizarre :shock:

I will try rotating the stitches 'round the dpns to change the pressure, and I’ll invest in another set of dpns…okay, several sets…

You use circs, don’t you, Rebecca? Is that method better than dpns?

I am interested in trying them on circs, but I must say that I do like using dpns; the knitting seems more magical with them! 4 pointy sticks + 1 ball of yarn=a pair of socks! The dh just stares in amazement.

And yes, knitting socks is a tad addicting; in fact, I am hopelessly addicted now. I’ve always loved funky socks: stripes, fair isles, argyles, all -isles…and being able to make my own is so very exciting!! (I haven’t done funky yet, but I plan to!!)